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Have you recently been involved in a trucking accident and have severe injuries to show for it? If so, a jackknife incident may be the cause of the accident itself or it could have made the accident much worse. With the help of an experienced New Jersey jackknife trucking accident lawyer, you will be able to pursue full and fair compensation under the law.
Trucks that are pulling trailers are prone to a kind of accident that no other vehicle on the roadways of New Jersey can have. This is known as a jackknife accident. If you’ve already been hurt in such an accident, you need to hire a lawyer to represent your interests immediately.


A lawyer can:

  • Investigate the accident scene
  • Review your evidence
  • Help you with your insurance claim
  • Represent you in settlement talks or litigation

What is a Jackknife Accident?

It essentially refers to a situation in which a tractor trailer truck loses control of the vehicle. If the driver loses control of the front part of the truck, also referred to as the tractor, this can skid. While this skid occurs, the trailer still has momentum and speed that is built up over time.
When the tractor is out of control, the trailer will continue moving forward. This can put the truck at a major angle in the middle where the trailer and the tractor are hitched together. The cab could then turn to face backwards and the trailer may slide sideways down the road.

jackknife truck accident new jersey truck accident attorneys new jersey truck accident lawyer

A jackknife means that the entire unit is sliding out of control. A hazardous road condition can be generated immediately as soon as a tractor trailer is jackknifed. This is because cars behind the jackknife tractor will likely hit the side of the trailer and could even become pinned underneath. This is known as an underride collision. Furthermore, any trailer that has jackknifed could spill cargo, generating hazardous materials or other obstacles on the road.

In these situations, as the truck driver tries to regain control of the vehicle, the truck could cross the medians of the highway and head into oncoming traffic

Where Can Jackknife Accidents Happen?

Although highways are the most common location for jackknife accidents because of highway speeds, these accidents can happen anywhere. Some of the most common injuries associated with jackknife accidents include lost limbs, brain injury and fatalities.
These can have life-changing impacts. All serious truck accidents can be very scary for passengers and drivers. If you've been left with permanent disabilities because a driver lost control of his or her truck due to being under the influence of alcohol, distraction, or other reckless behavior, you need to consider hiring an experienced New Jersey attorney.

Jackknifing often occurs because the driver lost control of the vehicle but other parties may be held liable pending an investigation at the accident scene. For example, the company that hired the negligent driver could be held responsible in court in addition to the trucker. The right lawyer can help you figure out whether or not you have grounds to file a claim.

Why You Need Legal Help After a Trucking Accident

Your future can be frightening if you are not currently able to pay your medical bills and are confused about how you'll proceed with the future. Furthermore, if a jackknife trailer took the life of one of your loved ones, you will be grieving and in shock. In your time of greatest need in filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, you need the skilled legal representation and trusted support offered by a New Jersey personal injury attorney who knows the challenges you are facing and who will work hard on your behalf to develop a comprehensive plan to fight for maximum recovery and compensation.

new jersey truck accident attorneys new jersey truck accident lawyer